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Website History
Version 1
The starting point for Towers Nerd was back in 2003, when I (Mark Locker) first launched Towers Review, a website that allowed users to review every single ride and attraction at Alton Towers. Unfortunately this didn't turn out to be very successful, and so I was spurred on to create something that would be, something called Towers Nerd.

The idea of taking a nerdy approach to the website came from a friend of mine, James Bailey. I was thinking of some unique angles that I could approach an Alton Towers website from, and as I put some of them forward to him, he replied with a comment along the lines of "Ah, you big nerd!". This of course, gave me an idea!

After asking a few people for second opinions, it was decided, the site would be called Towers Nerd. At this point I asked James, who I had only recently discovered was a roller coaster enthusiast, if he would like to help me out with what was sure to be a huge task. Thankfully, he agreed.

It was then simply a case of putting three months hard work into the site to ensure that it would be ready for the 2004 season. The tedious process of creating all of the pages for each area and attraction gave me headaches at the time, but these pages formed the foundations of the site we see today!

Because work on the site had started during the 2003/2004 closed season, I hadn't had any opportunity to visit the park and take photographs. This meant that my collection was pretty poor, and as a result, it was decided that the sites opening date should be changed to 14th March 2004. This gave me time to take the shots which were needed to cover most of the rides and attractions listed on the site.

Version 2
Our first year online was a very successful one. We managed to offer some of the Internets best construction coverage of Rita - Queen of Speed as over 15,000 people downloaded our various construction videos. Our forums also started to grow and by the end of the year I realised that the popularity of the website warranted something more substantial. So, without delay I started to think up new plans for the second version of Towers Nerd and on 25th August all site updates seized as work on the new site begun.

I asked around and managed to get two dedicated team members to help out with the new version of the site. Robert Pugh, a budding programmer, jumped at the chance to put some of his knowledge and ability into practice. Alistair Cole was also keen to join the team and contributed to the new History and Accommodation sections. From 25th August 2005 - 31st March 2006, the three of us worked away on the second milestone for Towers Nerd, a website that really would push us to be one of the best Alton Towers related websites.

At midnight on 1st April 2006, the second version of Towers Nerd was opened to the public. The progress we had made was clear for all to see and an immediate boost in popularity followed. From this moment on, we were mentioned alongside the other top Alton Towers websites. In the first poll that we ran on our homepage, over 250 visitors (64%) voted that the site was excellent.

Throughout 2006 we had received over 100,000 visits and distributed over 300GB of content. This was a massive achievement for us, but we weren't to rest on our laurels. We may have reached the stage of being recognised of one of the best Alton Towers websites, but we wanted to push to be the very best.

A lot of thought was put into our third and current version of Towers Nerd. We wanted to create something which could outlive a single season, something that we could spend time improving and maturing. After all, this was the third version of the website that we were creating in just three years! We wanted to give this version a chance to develop.

Version 3
I made the decision that the site should take a step back towards its roots. Version 2 certainly served its purpose in getting us recognised, but much of its original feel and "nerdyness" had been totally lost and replaced with a slightly chunky layout. We wanted to bring back the crisp and sleek feel that made Towers Nerd a pleasure to browse in its early days and pack it full of rich content and multimedia.

Work on version 3 began on 13th May 2006, this time backed by a slightly different team. Alistair Cole decided to leave after contributing some historic research, whilst David Morgan, who had supported Towers Nerd as a regular member since the site begun, joined the team.

Throughout July we worked on our brand new community, which would replace the very outdated forums. The investment meant that we could offer improved functionality and security, as well as making a fresh start ready for the launch of the new site. We decided to launch the community before the main site, almost as a stepping stone, giving users a taster as to what our new site may look and feel like. On 25th July 2007, our brand new community was launched.

The arrival of new main site was kept unannounced until just days before the grand opening. We had worked hard for over a year to get the website ready, and were incredibly excited about showing off all of our brand new features and content. At midnight on 1st January 2008, the website that you see today was finally opened.

To get Towers Nerd to the standard it is today has taken over 4 years. It was a team effort, and numerous people contributed with various bits and pieces. To see the full credits page, click here.

Website Development Gallery
Original Version 3 Concept
Park Info Page Concept
Community Concept