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Towers Nerd Team
Mark Locker
Mark Locker - Founder & Webmaster
Having been brought up in Staffordshire, I regularly got treated to an annual trip to Alton Towers from a very early age. I was always fascinated by the park, and in particular, the roller coasters! I used to marvel at the pieces of twisted steel track and could watch the trains pass by all day long. My family also used to take me to Drayton Manor now and again, and there too I found myself engrossed in watching Shockwave dive into its large vertical loop and spiral away towards the station.

However, I'd never dared to climb aboard such white knuckle coasters, due to the most common of all theme park fears - going up-side down! This all changed when I visited American Adventure back in 1999. I remember once again, being fascinated by this giant structure which had a "raw steel" look to it. It was of course, the Missile, a classic Vekoma Boomerang coaster. My dad pleaded with me to ride it with him, and after bribing me with "Now That's What I Call Music 43", I nervously walked straight on, no queue. From that moment on, I wasn't just hooked on watching them, but riding them too!
Robert Pugh
Robert Pugh - Programmer
Growing up in Yorkshire, I had little chance to go to Alton Towers! In fact, I was fourteen (2004) when I first visited. However, my first theme park experience was at Tokyo Disneyland when I was four (1993) and, after returning back to Britain, I made regular trips to Lightwater Valley. After I moved to Germany and later Luxembourg, my regular theme park was Walibi Lorraine (which has had its name changed so many times, I'm not really sure what it's called now!) Back in Britain, I went to Alton Towers on an end-of-year school trip - and very much enjoyed it! I was then offered the job of programming for Towers Nerd, which have been doing ever since.

After a few trips to Alton Towers, with and without the rest of the team, I made my most interesting discovery at Alton Towers ever. I photographed what could have been dust... or could have been paranormal activities! This lead to some other interesting finds, some of which were video recorded. From thrilling goes on Oblivion to ghost hunting - Alton Towers has it all!
David Morgan
David Morgan - Journalist
My love affair with theme parks started when I was very young. My first visit to Alton Towers was in 1986 when I was three years old, and I still have vague memories of it now, well getting soaked on the rapids and being scared on the Log Flume at least. I then spent the following years visiting parks like American Adventure and Gullivers Kingdom with my family and friends, I even remember making special advent calendars to count down to my trips!

Although already being a theme park addict for many years, my first coaster experience came in 1991, with a trip to Alton Towers with my sister and her fiance. It was the Corkscrew, the iconic ride that put Alton Towers on the theme park map. I made a deal with my brother in law, that I would go on it if we could go on 1001 Nights after (my favourite ride at the time). It sparked the adrenaline junkie hiding within, and I havn't stopped since, striving to ride as many different coasters as I can. I have watched Alton Towers grow and change over the years, from being a fun day out as a child to becoming one of my favourite places in the world.
Matthew Steans
Matthew Steans - Researcher & Photographer
Living only 10 Miles or so away from Alton Towers meant that I visited the park every now and again as a child but don't remember a lot from the early visits. What I do remember is queuing up for my first looping rollercoaster which was Corkscrew, back in the day when it used to have big queues. With it being my first upside-down coaster I was rather nervous! I enjoyed the ride and this gave me the courage to venture on to some of the slightly bigger rides at Alton Towers. I wasn't totally fearless though and when I was about 12, my Dad and I visited Blackpool Pleasure Beach where I saw the mighty Big One. My Dad pleaded with me to go on and after a lot of "No I don't want to!" I finally gave in and had a ride. I loved it. The speed and rush I got was amazing, so ever since I have not really had any problem with trying out new rides.

Back in September 2006 I started college, on the first day the tutor read out the names in the class and I heard "Mark Locker". I thought to myself "I've heard that name before" and soon realised that he owned an Alton Towers Fan site - Towers Nerd! Since then we've become great friends, often visiting the park together. I am excited to be a part of Towers Nerd as it goes on to do even bigger and better things.
John Burton
John Burton - Graphics & Gaming Developer
For as long as I can remember theme Parks have been a passion of mine. It all started with my family taking me on yearly trips to Disney World where I discovered such memorable attractions as The Haunted Mansion and Big Thunder Mountain railroad, I was hooked instantly by the amazing and magical atmosphere created by the theme park Imagineers.

Staffordshire is probably one of the best counties in England for a theme Park Maniac to live in with over 3 well known Family Amusement Parks within easy reach. Living under an hour drive away from Alton Towers, it has become an ever increasing obsession to visit the Park and its stunning attractions.

Walt Disney's complex themeing & creative designs and John Wardley’s excellent and exciting designs of Nemesis and the Haunted House have inspired me and influenced my work when creating theme park rides and attractions. Hex has been a big influence on many of my creations too; with atmosphere and character, this sparked my love for Dark Rides and Illusions. One of the best ways I discovered to retain those lasting memories, is to create my own Simulators and Recreations of attractions enabling me continue enjoying them after I have left the park!
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Mark & Robert
Mark & Robert