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On-Ride Photos
Have a look at our selection of On-Ride Photo's below, or view them in the gallery.

Dave (Cubwolf) and Tracy
Barry Steans, Matt Steans
lee and tori
Adam and Harry
Matt L
Samuel and Caleb Mason
Harrry Farr, Beverley Ross
Michael, Shannon
Ashley And Chris
Adam G, Karen G
Chloe and Jess

Congo River Rapids
Daniel, Georgia, Sue and Nigel
All of us on the rapids
Harvey Creese, Adam Ward & David Ward
Michael, Shannon, Julie, Tricia, Edward and Abi
Me, Georgia and Dad

Nathan, Paul, Amy and Mum
Lawrence & Paul
Neil and Anna

Ben (LHC) is in the middle (other two are cousins)
FallenAbyss & Saz
Jordan & Matt
kay, kim an emz
Michael, Shannon, Julie, Tricia and Abi
Ricky & Rich
Me, Georgia and Dad, On the front row

The Flume
Oliver, Daniel, Georgia, Sue and Paula
Colin (aka FallenAbyss) and Saz
Cubwolf (at the back) and Family
Dave (cubwolf) and Family
Adam (Front), Alex (Back)
Katie & Chris
Lee and Daniel
Order from front: Josh, Joss Dutton (KingNemesis), Josh and Steven

emma and the force :P
FallenAbyss & Sarah
Stevie Hunter and Steven Hunter
David Ward & Jack Ward
Lauren And Eloise
Me and My Daddy :)
Chloe and Jess
Tom and Kade

Matt Steans, Barry Steans
Kirsty and Hannah
Matt Lindsay, Bob Lindsay
Matt & Jordan
Lana + Eloise
Beth and Lewis
Ashley And Chris
Harry Farr
Chloe and Jess

Rita - Queen of Speed
Matt, Will
Daniel and Nigel
Aiden (left), me (Adam) (right)
Alex and Adam!
David Ward & Jack Ward
A Randomer & Jordan
Lawrence & Paul
Kim(right in the top left corner), Emz an Kay
Nicholas H and Damian H
Ryan & Brad
Lee and Daniel
Ashley And Chris
Chloe and Jess

Runaway Mine Train
Shawn Sanbrooke & Emma Rowley
Ryan Williamson, Joel Garratt, Thomas Brooks, Rosie Palmer, Andy Deacon
Kate & Chris
Charlotte, Molly, Jenny, Eleanor
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