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The Thunder Looper is perhaps the most missed attraction from the past. It was simple, it was white knuckle, it was fast, and people loved it! The ride simply launched from it's station into a vertical loop before climbing up a steep incline and rolling back to enter the loop again facing backwards.
› Opened: 1990
› Closed: 1996
› Location: Thunder Valley/Forbidden Valley
› Manufacturer: Schwarzkopf
› Model: Shuttle Looping Coaster
› Ride Height: 23.5m // 77' 1"
› Track Length: 218m // 715' 3"
› Loop Diameter: 23m // 75' 6"
› Top Speed: 97kph // 60mph
› Acceleration: 0-97kph // 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds
› Capacity: 1 Train, 28 Persons Per Train

The Thunder Looper is a very old ride. It was first installed at Kings Dominion, as King Kobra, and was the first Shuttle Looping Coaster in the world! It then moved to the Jolly Rodger Amusement Park in 1987 before arriving at Alton Towers in 1990. After being removed from Alton Towers in 1996, it was re-located to Hopi Hari as Katapul where it remains today.

The Thunder Looper's stay at Alton Towers was short lived for a number of reasons. It was in breach of planning requirements, locals complained about the noise and it was said to have caused cattle to breed at the wrong time of year!

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Aidan: (5 / 5) Loved the Thunderlooper... went on it one evening after all the coachloads of ppl had gone home... managed to ride it about 20 times in an hour - every other time that it ran! Cannot believe that it is no longer there... only just found out! Better get to Hopi Hari!

Shevek: (5 / 5) I went to Alton Towers in 90 or 91 when this ride first opened and on a rainy day when the park was empty. Went on it 30+ times in a row as there was no queue... Awesome ride!

Mike Hunt: This ride was craaaaaaaazy. I was gutted when they took it away. Do you think they could just put it back up for a few weeks? It must be in a shed or somewhere. Or did they use bits of the track for other rides?

Thunder Looper Gallery
Guests Boarding
Ready to Launch
Rear View
Thunder Looper
The Loop