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Toyland Tours took guests on a magical boat ride around a fun filled toy factory. It featured brightly coloured, animated characters and was set to a cheerful sound track. There were lots of crazy ideas on show including a Snailextric (a racetrack for snails), Bouncy Castles (Bouncy Castles that bounced on trampolines) and an 'Elecopter' (a pink elephant with a propellor on it's head). Other scenes included the Sega room, which featured a Sonic the Hedgehog model and many televisions playing Sonic the Hedgehog footage. There was also a grand finale complete with a teddy bear band.
› Opened: 1994
› Closed: 2005
› Location: Cred Street
› Manufacturer: Mack Rides
› Model: Free Flow Boat Ride
› Duration: Approximately 5 minutes

Toyland Tours was formally known as Around the World in 80 days, a ride which took guests on a journey through famous sights and sounds from across the globe. The ride was re-themed into Toyland Tours in 1994, at a cost of £2 million.

Throughout the 2004/2005 season, Toyland Tours received little attention compared to the rest of the park, indicating that its days were numbered. During the 2005/2006 closed season the attraction was refurbished again, into Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.

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Michael: (4 / 5) The only things I remember are the Bouncy Castles that went up and down and the other thing was the soundtrack it had a really good bouncy rythm and score to go with the ride. When I'm at home I always pull out my inflatable boat and sometimes listen to the old Toyland music.

InfuseTheSenses: Toyland Tours was amazing, shame that Chalie and the Chocolate factory replaced it. The gags and jokes within the ride were top-class, and Tussards/Merlin lost a valuable gem.

Will: (5 / 5) Good ride sonic was the best and he tapped his foot I miss Toyland Tours bring it back now!

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