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Cutting The Queues
No one likes waiting in long queues all day, so we've put together some useful information to help you try and avoid them.

The Shortest Queues
You can never tell for sure when queues will be small, but there are generally three times in the day that see queue times drop. The quietest time of all is during ERT (Extra Ride Time). This is where Annual Pass Holders and Hotel Guests can enter the park at 9am for excusive ride time on selected attractions. If you're not in a position to take advantage of ERT then try joining a queue at lunchtime (normally between 11.30am and 2pm), queues can also drop during this period as people grab their lunch. Finally, if you're in no hurry to get home then join the queue of your favourite ride just before the ride close time. It's the queue that closes, not the ride, so you're guaranteed a go!

Single Rider Queue
A Single Rider Queue is just what it says, a designated queue for people on their own. They offer a really good way of beating the queues during busy times and can be found on the following attractions:

  • Rita: Queen of Speed
  • Nemesis
  • Spinball Whizzer
  • Air
  • Oblivion

You use the Single Rider Queue in the same way as the normal queue. The only difference is that guests in the Single Ride Queue are used to fill the remaining seats. For this reason, if you decided to join the queue as a group, you will be split up. Also, Alton Towers can not guarantee that the single rider queue will be shorter than the main queue line.

Parent Share Pass
Parent Share passes can be obtained from Guest Services, situated at the top of Towers Street which is next to the parks main entrance. Passes are also available from some family rides such as Hex and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. To obtain one of these there must be one child in the family party who is under 1.2m tall. They are especially useful for families with very young children.

The pass works by allowing "Parent 1" to queue for an attraction, whilst "Parent 2" waits and looks after any children who don't wish to ride. Once "Parent 1" has been on the ride, he or she can look after the children whilst "Parent 2" enters the ride via a special access point, avoiding the queue.

The pass can be used with the following rides:

• Charlie and the Chocolate Factory • Hex
• Air • Nemesis
• Rita - Queen of Speed • Oblivion
• Spinball Whizzer • Ripsaw
• Corkscrew • Submission
• Runaway Mine Train • UG Swinger
• Enterprise • Congo River Rapids
• The Flume  
Parent Queue Share Pass Parent Queue Share Pass

Fastrack Tickets
Fastrack Tickets allow you to either join a special priority queue or enter the attraction via its exit. There are four kinds of passes, there are as follows:

Fastrack Thrills: 1 priority ride on Nemesis, Air, Oblivion and The Flume.
Fastrack Adventurer: 1 priority ride on Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Runaway Mine Train and Corkscrew.
Fastrack Ultimate: 1 priority ride on Rita - Queen of Speed, Air, Nemesis, Oblivion, Ripsaw, Enterprise, Submission, Corkscrew, Hex, The Flume, Duel, Congo River Rapids, Spinball Whizzer, Runaway Mine Train, Battle Galleons, Heave Ho, Marauders Mayhem, Squirrel Nutty and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.

Passes should be brought at the entrance kiosks along with your entrance ticket or pre-booked online at Fastrack Ultimate tickets are only available when pre-booked. Availability is limited.