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Trip Tips
When visiting Alton Towers there are many things which you should take note of in order to make the most of your day. Here you will find a list of our top 20 tips which we have compiled to help maximize your fun!

1) Save Money
If you're not an Annual Pass holder, save yourself some money and book your tickets online in advance, they're cheaper and you won't have to queue in the morning. Alternatively, check out our special offers page to find other ways of saving money. Never buy from touts.

2) Seasonal Offerings
Check when seasonal events are on, events like Halloween have extra attractions and entertainment. Plus, with extended opening hours, you could even ride Nemesis in the dark!

3) Car Park Tokens
Sometime during the day you will have to buy a parking token, currently priced at £4. It is best to do this in the morning as the machines tend to get busy at closing time.

4) 'Great' British Weather
Our Great British climate can be very nasty some times and you'll need to be ready to defend yourself! If you don't want to bring a coat with you, you can always purchase a waterproof poncho throughout the park if it does start to rain (plus it will keep you dry on Ripsaw, well possibly).

5) Be Prepared
Don't forget to make use of the lockers available around the park. It's always a good idea to have a change of clothes, just in case you get soaked on the Flume. Or even just have a beach towel handy in the car to stop your seats getting wet on your journey home.

6) Action Plan
If you visit the park on a busy day, it may be best to plan your day out in advance. Maps are available at the main entrance to help you find your way around the park. The big rides can get busy very quickly, so it is best to get to these straight away and carry on from there. If you ever have any queries just pop into guest service at the top of Towers Street, they'll be more than happy to assist you.

7) Getting Around
Alton Towers is a big place, pace yourself while moving round the park. Make use of Skyride whenever possible as it offers some great views of the park, especially the Gardens.

8) Electronic Boards
Make use of the electronic boards situated around the park, these display queue times and can help you avoid the busiest rides. These will also show the show times any shows in Cred Street, a must for the kids.

9) Get Wet!
On hot days the water rides can get quite busy, so try and ride them early on. Don't forget Ripsaw is a great way to cool off as well, or even a game in the Soakasaurus arena situated in Ug Land.

10) Hungry?
Try to avoid eating lunch at the normal times, most outlets get pretty busy. No matter where you are in the park there is always a good selection of food available, so don't feel you are forced to go to the bigger restaurants.

11) Memories
A great way to remember your day is to buy the on-ride souvenir photos. There are quite a lot of rides that feature these and the best way to buy them is with a photo pass. These are available from any photo booth, and entitle you to five photos for the price of four. Great if you're in a group.

12) Shop Smart
Remember to make use of the 'Buy Now Collect Later' facility, available at all retail outlets around park. Any purchases made throughout most of the day can be picked up from Towers Trading on your way out.

13) Enjoy The Surroundings
You may not think about it too much, but Alton Towers is situated in one of the most beautiful settings in the country. Instead of rushing from ride to ride, why not take a walk through the Gardens or a wander around The Towers. There are some great views of the park from the roof.

14) Go It Alone
If you don't mind riding alone use the single rider queues, available on some of the big rides. Your wait will be greatly reduced.

15) Many Happy Returns
If you plan on returning to Alton Towers later on in the season, remember to buy your bounceback tickets from customer services before you leave. These offer an amazing discount.

16) A Guaranteed Ride
As long as you join a queue for a ride before the ride close time you will definitely get on it, no matter what time it is.

17) Rush Hour
Try and avoid leaving the park just after the rides have closed, the monorail can get very busy. You could spend some time in Towers Trading or why not get a bite to eat before your journey home.

18) Splash Out
If you want to extend your day, why not pay a visit to the Cariba Creek Waterpark. With special rates after 4pm, it's a great way to unwind.

19) Home Time
When leaving the car park make sure to have your parking token ready to avoid any hold ups.

20) Take Care
Have a safe journey home from what hopefully was a fantastic day out.