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New Thirteen Ride Simulator
Our much anticipated Thirteen ride simulator is now available to play, and it's our best sim yet! Friday 2nd April 2010 - We're very pleased to announce our 9th ride simulator, which allows you to take complete control of Alton Towers' latest attraction - Thirteen. It's available from our Gaming & Simulation page now.

Your aim is to gain the highest operator score possible by running the ride smoothly throughout the day. You'll encounter ride breakdowns, faulty trains and have a queue line you'll need to keep on top of. You can control the lighting and sound effects throughout the ride and take two different birds eye views, a side on station view and a side on view of the crypt.

This is our first sim which uses keyboard controls for more natural operation, with the ability to open and close station gates, check harnesses, dispatch trains and even reverse trains into the mechanic bay to be fixed.

As with our other sims, you can compete online with other players by submitting your ride operator score. So, what are you waiting for? Go and see if you can score the highest!


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