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More Scarefest Information Emerges
Alton Towers have today announced further details of this year's Halloween event as well as launching its website. Tuesday 3rd September 2013 - Many of the details surrounding this year's 7th annual Scarefest event have already been announced a few weeks ago, but the Resort today confirmed further details including the return of the scare rooms and pricing information for the event.

As previously reported, all three of the park's scare mazes will be returning with Carnival of Screams being a free attraction for all visitors and Terror of the Towers and The Sanctuary being paid for experiences. Zombies! Scare Zone will also be on park and free to all guests.

As well as this, family entertainment including Trick-or-Treat party and Franklins Freaky Fun Zone had also been confirmed.

The return of the scare rooms at the Alton Towers hotel had been mentioned, but have today been fully confirmed. The scare rooms provide guests with a unique experience as their hotel room is the scene of a terrifying story. This year, 'The Alton-ville Motel' is taking a wedding theme as a couple get married with the tag line 'until DEATH do us part' – something the resort has promised will be chillingly apt! As usual this is a late night experience at the hotel with Alton Towers promising scares until 2 am.

The scare rooms will be running between 24th October – 2nd November and incur a supplement on top of room cost of between £185 - £237.50 depending on how many guests are sharing.

Prices have also been confirmed for the on-park attractions. This year, similar to 2012's event, the paid-for mazes will have two-tiered pricing depending on the time of day you visit. Guests entering the scare mazes between 1pm and 5pm will pay £10 for a 2 maze combo ticket, after 5pm the price rises to £12. It is as yet unknown if there will continue to be tickets available on the day for each maze separately or if these have to be purchased as a combo.

Those looking for constant thrills throughout the event will be pleased to hear the park has continued the Freedom Pass, first introduced in 2012. The pass gives guests unlimited access to the two premium scare mazes for the entire Scarefest event (between 19th October and 3rd November). The ticket is priced at £50 for the whole event. Unlike last year's pass, there is no mention of any fasttracks for mazes included this year.

New for this year is the Freedom ticket. Similar to the pass, it grants unlimited access to the 2 premium mazes, but is valid for a 1 day visit only. The Freedom ticket is available for £20 online.

All prices for scare maze tickets can be purchased for 20% less with a valid annual pass.

Finally, the pricing announcement has confirmed the welcome return of the 'after 4pm' ticket. As the name suggests, this ticket allows guests into the park after 4pm to enjoy the evening's entertainments. This will cost £20 on the day and £15 for pre-booked online tickets.

More information on this years event including videos and full descriptions for this years scare mazes can be found at the new Halloween website:

What are your views on this year's full Scarefest announcement, will you be getting a Freedom Pass or have you seen it all before? Let us know in our community.


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