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Merlin Launches Campaign Against Government
To help visitors enjoy their leisure time during the credit crunch, Merlin Entertainments have started a move to get the VAT on days out in the UK lowered. Saturday 12th July 2008 - Most families are starting to feel the full effects of the current credit crunch take hold, meaning that a special day out to a theme park this summer may be off the cards for many. Merlin Entertainments are now trying to do their bit by tackling the Government on the issue of VAT charged on UK attractions compared to the equivalent charged on European attractions. Signs are now displayed outside all of the Merlin attractions in the UK reading as follows:

"We are sorry to inform you that your visit to this attraction is costing more than almost all of our fellow attractions in the European Union.

This is because unlike most EU stats the British Government insists on charging the public a VAT rate of 17.5% on all admissions to visitor attractions in the UK. VAT rates in other EU countries are as low as 5% on visitor days out and are therefore cheaper and more affordable.

We are working with other attractions to get our Government to reduce the VAT rate for admission to attractions and welcome your comments.

Thank you for taking the time to read this notice and we hope you have a fantastic day."

It is very unlikely that the Government will pay much attention to such a campaign, as with the current economic climate this will not hold much weight. However, just to put this into context for you, if the rate of VAT was reduced to 5% it would amount to approximately £3.70 saving on the adult gate price, £10 on the family of four ticket, £13.30 on an individual Merlin Annual Pass and £40 on a family Merlin Annual Pass.

Here's a photo of the sign:

The Notice.


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