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Free Tickets to Disappointed Camelot Guests
Following the sad closure of the Camelot theme park in Chorley, Alton Towers rescues those with pre-booked tickets. Saturday 7th February 2009 - In the run up to Christmas Alton Towers saved many families festive fun, when they offered a special weekend for those left dissapointed by the infamous Lapland New Forest, as reported here. In the run up to the start of the 2009 season, Alton Towers are at it again.

Camelot theme park near Chorley, was announced to have gone into receivership recently meaning the park will not open for the 2009 season, and looks very likely to never open to the public again. For those families and individuals that have already pre-booked tickets for Camelot, Alton Towers are offering free tickets to visit the resort this year.

To claim your free ticket, all you need to do is email making sure to attach confirmation of your camelot booking.


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