Towers Nerd Turns 10!

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Ten years ago today, the first Towers Nerd website launched. Today, we celebrate our tenth birthday! Wednesday, 29th October, 2014 - Ten years ago, the first version of the Towers Nerd website launched, bringing news, rumours, interviews and more on Alton Towers to the masses! Since then, we’ve redeveloped the site not once but twice, and we now have our focus set on the forth major version of the site, which will be the biggest update yet.

Over the years, we’ve grown from a small website to one of the more popular theme park communities. This year we celebrated our fiftieth trip to Alton Towers (; many of our current trip attendees have been attending since our very first trip, and we’re continually welcoming new members too!

Over the years, we’ve been working hard on utilising technology to bring the best of Alton Towers to our members. In February 2008, our first Towers Nerd Live event ( at Alton Towers’ Half Term Hullabaloo introduced live blogging to the world of theme parks! Since then, we’ve reported on 41 different events from four parks across the country, with over three thousand individual updates!

Later, in early 2009, we released the fruits of many months of development, the first ever iPhone app for Alton Towers: Towers Guide (, which included information about the park and provided directions for getting around. Since then, there have been more than ten updates submitted to Apple (and several spin-off apps for other parks created) with many new features added!

In 2012, we collaborated with John Burton and brought you ( Since its launch on the first of January of that year, our members have simulated rides more than 3/4 of a million times, spending nearly 30 combined years doing so!

What are your memories of the last ten years? Share your experiences on our community ( and Facebook page (!

The first decade is only the beginning. Expect to see many more updates and new features in our future!

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