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Area Summary
Adventure Land is one of the first areas that you will be able to see from Towers Street, situated just after the entrance to Old MacDonald's Farm. It is a fun and frantic area, mainly themed around the giant pinball machine that is Spinball Whizzer. Refresh @ Spinball is placed in the thick of it, offering food and drink for those wanting to take break from it all whilst still soaking up the party atmosphere. The area plays a selection of music similar to that of WWTP radio in Thorpe Park's Amity Cove, featuring many classics from the likes of Elvis, The Beach Boys and The Monkees.
Rides & Attractions
Play Equipment
Space Adventures
Climb, dangle and spin to your hearts content in this weird and wonderful play area. Great for the kids while the adults relax nearby.
Spinball Whizzer
Spinball Whizzer
Spin, drop, dive and laugh with Spinball Whizzer - the great family spinning coaster that will have you in hysterics from start to finish.
The Beastie
The Beastie
Climb aboard this dragon for some twists and turns that promise to thrill the younger generation. Although adults can't deny that they love it too!
Refresh @ Spinball
Refresh @ Spinball
Relax with a drink or a tasty snack whilst absorbing the fun atmosphere of Adventure Land. It's a great place to keep an eye on the kids too.
Squirrel Nutty Ride
Squirrel Nutty Ride
Take a Squirrel's eye view of Adventure Land and Old MacDonald's Farm as you travel through the tree tops in your very own acorn.
Areas Top Attractions
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Area History
Prior to 1996 Adventure Land was known as Kiddies Kingdom and hosted a large range of kids play equipment which consisted of brightly coloured slides and climbing frames. Back in 1986 when the area was first formed the play equipment was the only thing on offer and was split into two sections. There was one area which was suitable for anyone under 14 years of age and another designed for smaller children who were under 1.2m tall. The playground boasted the 'amazing maze', 'tarzan run' and 'cookie mountain'. There was also a bouncy castle and ball pool in the area, all of which was topped off with a parrot exhibition.

In 1992, change was imminent as a brand new Big Top was constructed. The arena first hosted 'Captain Henrys Gold Adventure: On Ice' and two years later the famous performances of 'Peter Rabbit & Friends: On Ice' began. For an amazing 8 years Beatrix Potter's magical tale entertained kids in the area.

It was in 1996 that another major change was introduced as the area was split into the Adventure Land and Storybook Land that we see today. A year on and the newly formed area was ready to receive two new additions. First off, Gallopers Carousel made an appearance as it was re-located from The Land of Make Believe. The Beastie was also moved into the area from Forbidden Valley as Adventure Land became a more established area again.

The area remained pretty much untouched until 2002, when a brand new ice show was set to be introduced. The show started midway through the season, 1st June to be precise, and was called 'Webmaster: An Adventure On Ice'.

2003 was undoubtedly the most significant year for the area as construction started on a brand new spinning roller coaster - Spinball Whizzer. Gallopers Carousel was moved to Cred Street to make way for the new attraction and the castle climbing structure was also removed. It became obvious that this new attraction would transform the area.

In 2004 Spinball Whizzer opened and transformed Adventure Land into a more popular area of the park. The atmosphere also took a dramatic change with the introduction of a new P.A. system playing classic tunes such as 'Pinball Wizzard' and 'Great Balls of Fire'. This wasn't the only change in 2004 either, the 'Webmaster: An Adventure On Ice' show was replaced with 'The Magic Of Ice: Circus Of Illusion', featuring a host of magical tricks and illusions.

In 2005 the Magic of Ice show was taken over by The Twins, the world's only identical twin illusionists. Unfortunately though, this was to be the last Ice Show for the foreseeable future. The final live ice show to be performed in the Big Top was 'The Magic Of Panto: On Ice' which was held during the 2006 winter weekends, open to hotel guests and season ticket holders only. The big top now lies dormant in the area, and it's future is subject to much speculation.