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This small twin rail ride allows you to roam around the Adventure Land/Old MacDonalds Farm area in an acorn. The track, which remains at a pretty constant height, winds through trees and has small dips at various points. It is a well themed ride and the journey takes you through a giant acorn. You will only find significant queues for this ride during the peak season.
› Opened: 1996
› Cost: £3,000,000
› Model: Junior Powered Monorail
› Capacity: 2 Persons Per Car
› Restraint Type: Lap Bar
› Duration: Appoximatly 4 Minutes

The Squirrel Nutty Ride was installed in 1996, the same year that the Peter Rabbit and Friends on Ice show was introduced to the area. The ride originally had pedals installed to give the impression that you were moving the vehicle along the track, but they were later removed.

Guest Information
› Riders must be at least 1.1m (3' 8") tall to ride unless accompanied by an adult.
› Personal belongings must be taken onboard this attraction.
› The acorns roof height is deceptively low, so mind your head.

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Jack : (3 / 5) i have only been on this once and loved it but because its mainly for children the queue is over run with them making the queue to long to make it worth while

Unknown: (5 / 5) Wow this ride was extreme! I couldnt open my eyes!

Mike: Well what can I say? The best ride in the park! Me and my mates (15 years old) went to Alton Towers and this ride was amazing! We Love it!!

Squirrel Nutty Ride Gallery
Entrance Sign
Entrance Sign
Ride Station
Over The Tractor Ride
Acorn Car
Tree Archway
Beautiful Surroundings
Final Turn
Exit Sign
Through The Trees
Above The Tractors