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The Bouncing Bugs comes in the form of a classic flying elephant ride, a ride which can be found in a number of UK parks - it is, however, on a much smaller scale. It allows riders to control the height of their car by pulling a leaver which moves the ride's arm up and down. The ride hardly ever builds up a queue so it's definitely worth a go for the kids!
› First Installed: 1982
› Opened in Cred Street: 2005

The Bouncing Bugs is quite an old ride which dates back to 1982. It has had several name changes including the Mini-Flier, Baby Flug and more recently Ug-Bugs. It was last located in Ug Land and moved to Cred Street in 2005 following the addition of Rita - Queen of Speed. The ride was moved to Forbidden Valley in November 2005 for Winter Weekend guests to enjoy. This was because Forbidden Valley was the only area open and the park felt that they needed a kids attraction to accommodate the large number of families that would visit from the hotels.

At the end of the 2007 season the satellite dish was removed from the top of the Ug Bugs as it proved to be an inconvenience to technicians. The dish covered up the rides mechanics and whenever the ride experienced mechanical problems the satellite used to take too long to remove.

Guest Information
› Riders must be between 1.0m (3' 4") and 1.5m (4' 11") tall.

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