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The Frog Hopper is a small childrens ride, tucked away in the corner of Cred Street. Six children are secured into their seats before being bounced up and down a small tower. It can be quite a white-knuckle experience for young ones as the tower rises above the Gallopers Carousel and can seem quite high. There is rarely a significant queue for this attraction so it's well worth a quick ride!
› First Installed: 2000
› Manufacturer: S&S Power
› Capacity: 6
› Seating: 1 Row, 6 Seats Per Row
› Restraint Type: Lap Bar
› Duration: Appoximatly 2 Minutes

Guest Information
› Riders between 0.9m (3') and 1.1m (3' 7") tall must be accompanied by an adult.
› Riders must be no taller than 1.4m (4' 7") unless accompanying a child.

Random Image

Ryan Frankcom: Best ride in the park :P all jokes aside it was fun, even for me! (13yo)

Woombamillio: (3 / 5) I can't believe I went on this ride! So fun and weird.

Phillip Moors: My daughters make a beeline for this ride everytime we go. It may be small, it may look a bit old fasioned, but they absolutely love it. Highly recommended****

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