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Area Summary
Cloud Cuckoo Land is a brightly coloured area which is themed to be a quirky, colourful and fun street. It offers a variety of rides for kids of all ages, from the Gallopers Carousel, a classic fairground attraction, to Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, a stunning, state of the art journey through Willy Wonkas famous factory. It even has it's own Driving School, where kids can take to the roads and complete their very own driving test and then claim their personalised photo licence.
Rides & Attractions
Bouncing Bugs
Bouncing Bugs
A chance to bounce your bug up and down whilst you fly round and round, watching the rest of Cred Street zoom by!
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory: The Ride
Grab your Golden Ticket and take the journey of a lifetime as you tour the worlds most unique Chocolate Factory.
Driving School
Peugeot 207 Driving School
Kids start your engines! Take to the road in your very own Peugeot, obey the rules of the road and get your very own driving license.
Gallopers Carousel
Gallopers Carousel
Saddle up on this classic carousel ride. Choose your horse or carriage and enjoy all the fun of the fair with this very decorative attraction.
Caffe Espresso
Caffe Express
Relax in this laid back & stylish cafe, offering a range of coffee and other hot and cold drinks, plus a delicious selection of snacks.
Cred Street Theatre
The Theatre is home to a host of live entertainment which is on offer throughout each season - find out what's on now.
Frog Hopper
Frog Hopper
Hold on! This is going to be a bumpy ride. Expect plenty of giggles whilst you bounce up and down on this classic kids ride.
Burger King
A large fast food restaurant, bringing high street favourites to Alton Towers!
Areas Top Attractions
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Area History
This area of the park was formed in 1981 and prior to 1997 it was known as Talbot Street and was focused around its stunning motor museum which showcased a large variety of classic cars. Not only did Talbot Street offer a collection of antique cars, but there was a Dolls Exhibition which boasted a large collection of antique dolls. The area was also home to the Talbot Theatre which we now know as the Cred Street Theatre. In the eighties the area held a giant snakes and ladders board which was used in the children's TV program "Hold Tight". Talbot Street had a wide range of rides come and go as the area, and areas around it, developed. Its most well known attraction was probably Around the World in 80 Days which has since been refurbished into Toyland Tours and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory: The Ride, which we see today.

In 1993 the area was renamed from Talbot Street to The Land of Make Believe. At that time attractions included the Crown Carousel and the Mini Apple Roller Coaster. By this time much of the streets housing was developed into what the Cred Street we know today would be based around. There was a playground, sweet shop, ice cream shop and the Vintage Cars, which replaced the Octopus ride and would be in place for the next 13 years! A magic show was introduced and performed in the Talbot Theatre and the area was home to a new parade named 'Henrys Street Party'.

A year later and a major development took place, with Around the World in 80 Days being replaced with Toyland Tours - a giant toy factory with friendly animatronics working to a playful sound track. This development was done alongside the legendary Nemesis which gave the whole park a huge boost of visitors, much like Stealth has for Thorpe Park.

It was not until 1997 that the area was given its current name of Cred Street. The name change was coupled with a new attraction called Nickelodeon Outta Control which opened in spring that season. This attraction was unfortunately very short-lived and closed at the end of 1998.

In the year 2000 the Frog Hopper was installed and Barney made his entrance into Cred Street, performing in the Cred Street theatre, which was aptly renamed to Barneys Theatre. Barney continued to entertain for two years until the Tweenies took over in 2002. Again the theatre was re-named and re-decorated to become the Tweenies Theatre and the Cred Street Playground received a make-over into the Tweenies Playground.

2004 saw one small change, as the Gallopers Carousel was introduced to the area following the construction of Spinball Whizzer in Adventure Land. In 2005 the Bouncing Bugs were moved to the area, having been removed from Ug Land during the construction of Rita – Queen of Speed. The long awaited refurbishment of Toyland Tours was confirmed and construction on Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, a multi-million pound investment based on the famous book by Roald Dalh, begun in August. By the end of the 2005 season, the contract with the Tweenies had expired and during the closed season all traces of the brand were removed from both the Theatre and Playground.

2006 brought huge change to the area as the much anticipated Charlie & the Chocolate Factory was opened. The Vintage Cars and the Cred Street Carousel were closed in preparation for a new Driving School due to be opened later that summer. Not only this, but InCREDible Ices was refurbished into a new cafe named Caffee Espresso. During April, the Cred Street Theatre was used to host the Chocoholic Follies show which was held during the parks all new Chocolate Towers event. The replacement for the Tweenies also became apparent, with Bob the Builder offering daily live shows. In July, the Peugeot 207 Driving School was ready and opened to the public. The attraction was a huge hit with families and, coupled with the earlier addition of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, brought a new lease of life to a street which was starting to become derelict.

The 2007 season saw the end of children's TV characters dominating the Cred Street Theatre, with Alton Towers putting on their own entertainment, predominantly with 'ATTV', a live and interactive kids show.