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Nemesis was Europe's first inverted roller coaster and only the second to be built in the world. Despite it's age, it is still regarded by many enthusiasts as one of the top 10 roller coasters in existence. What makes Nemesis so unique is the fact that planning permission forced the ride to remain below tree height. This drove Alton Towers to excavate a huge crater, which would allow the ride to build up enough momentum for a fast paced, white knuckle thrill. Nemesis' track dives into this crater, roaring through tunnels and hugging the rocky terrain. No thrill seekers trip to Alton Towers would be complete without a ride on Nemesis.

The Story
Nemesis comes from another dimension, a dimension beyond our imagination! There are theories, and then there is the legend... Beneath the ground at Alton Towers something strange and horrible lurked: A creature put on the Earth 2 million years ago. Nobody knew where it came from or what it wanted. The creature was disturbed during maintenance work on one of the other rides in Forbidden Valley. The creature, angry at being discovered, caused havoc, ripping up trees and buildings sending them hurtling skyward. A security silence fell over Alton Towers as historians, archaeologists and the Ministry of Defence nervously began some serious investigations. What they discovered was Nemesis. It had to be controlled - 250 tonnes of steel and 200 men pinned down Nemesis, not ordinary steel, not ordinary men! The steel holding down the monster, was twisted and bent into unusual shapes - the steel was the roller coaster track thrill seekers ride today - Nemesis.
› Opened: 19th March 1994
› Manufactured By: Bolliger & Mabillard
› Model: Inverted Coaster
› Engineering: Ingenieurbuero Stengel GmbH
› Controls: Consign AG
› Cost: £10,000,000
› Inversions: 2 Corkscrews, Zero-G Roll & Vertical Loop
› Track Length: 2349' // 716m
› Height: 42' 8" // 13m
› Drop: 104' // 32m
› Max Speed: 50mph // 80kph
› Max G Force: 4G
› Capacity: 64
› Throughput: 1,400 Per Hour
› Seating: 2 Trains, 8 Rows Per Train, 4 Seats Per Row
› Restraint Type: Over The Shoulder With Buckles
› Duration: 80 Seconds
› Slogan: Sit Back, It's Fright Time!

Guest Information
› Riders must be at least 1.4m (4' 8") tall.
› Wheelchair access is available via the ride exit ramp.
› Property racks are available for belongings to be left at the station.
› On-Ride photos are available from the Nemesis ride photo shop.
› A single rider queue is in operation for this attraction.


Random Image

Alex: (5 / 5) it is a fantastic ride. nothing else in alton towers,or the UK in fact,compares to the feeling and adrenaline rush you get on NEMESIS. I would strongly recommend that anyone who likes hard core thrill rides go on NEMESIS. I went on and it is literally my favourite roller coaster in existance now

Zoz Meerkat: (4 / 5) I Love Nemesis, mind you, I love all rides at Alton Towers! My absolute favourite ride is Oblivion, Nemmy comes in around 3rd, however, nearly...(expand)

Rob (From Community): (1 / 5) I didn't find Nemesis particularly thrilling, and if anything I found it too smooth. The only fun point on the ride is the G-Force helix, but the rest I found too tame for me. Didn't have a long queue, but I find Rita and Sonic Spinball more worthwhile rides.

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