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Duel gives riders a chance to shoot their way through a haunted mansion which lies in Gloomy Wood. Meet zombies and ghouls who are armed to shoot back and see if you can bag the highest score! From the front of the attraction you can't tell, but the actual size of the ride building is the same as a football pitch! There is rarely a large queue so it's really worth a go!
› Opened: 2003
› First Installed: 1992
› Cost: £3,000,000
› Manufacturer: Mack
› Designers: John Wardley & Keith Sparkes
› Track Length: 300m // 984'
› Speed: 3mph
› Duration: 6mins 15secs
› Carriage Capacity: 6
› Ride Capacity: 200
› Throughput: 1296

Duel was formally known as the Haunted House until it was given a re-vamp in 2003.

Guest Information
› Riders must be at least 1.1m (3' 8") tall.


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Sam: Well, the haunted house was closed because the effects were dwindling, as you will know if you have been recently some of duels effects are too. The pillar demon has broken and some of the zombies dont work, towers nerd team should check it out...

Trooper: Hmm...a little disappointed today.
It's pretty cool but a few effects are ruined such as the face at the end of trommels tunnel. The cars are...(expand)

Kayleigh: I LOVE this ride. Amazing theming and really fun! great for the whole family
a lot of people say that the re-theming of this ride has ruined it a...(expand)

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