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The Ug Swinger is a classic fairground swing ride where guests sit in a swing which is attached to the attraction via long metal chains. As the ride begins these chains lift off the floor and start to rotate, the swings are also tilted alternately giving riders and up and down motion as they fly through the sky.
› First Installed: 1984
› Manufacturer: Zierer
› Height: 13.8m
› Throughput: 1200
› Power: 115KW
› Diameter: 23m (75')
› Weight: 22 tonnes
› Seats: 48

The Ug Swinger has been in the park since 1984. In 1999 it received a repaint as it was moved to it's current area of Ug Land. It was re-positioned in Ug Land following the installation of Rita - Queen of Speed.

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Rob: (3 / 5) Ug Swingers is a good ride, although it can be quite an uneasy ride if the wind is going. It gives you good effects as you swoop to what feels...(expand)

Amy: (3 / 5) Fun ride for little kids but when i was younger i had no idea how to do up the seatbelts so the ride started. My dad realised and told the man and the ride made an emergancy stop. It was scary as i was like 5 and they should cheak every one is safe before as its a hight to fall from.

Dan: (3 / 5) An Alton Towers classic... The interaction with Rita - Queen of Speed is great. Great for all families, but if you've a big rear - don't queue - it can get quite tight in those baskets!

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