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Oblivion was the first vertical drop roller coaster in the world. It's theme is very intimidating, with the queue line videos effectively telling you that you're going to die! The ride is all about suspense, you slowly climb up a very steep lift hill and crawl around the track before the drop. At the drop, you are held for 3 seconds before being released into the dark hole that is Oblivion.
› First Installed: 3rd March 1998
› Manufacturer: Bolliger & Mabillard
› Designer: John Wardley
› Model: Dive Machine
› Cost: £12,000,000
› G-Forces: 4.5G
› Height Of Drop: 60m (196' 10")
› Max Vertical Angle: 87 Degrees
› Max Speed: 109kph (68mph)
› Capacity: 96
› Duration: Approx 1min 15secs
› Track Length: 372m (1222')
› Throughput: 1900

It was in the year of 1997 that Fantasy Land was stripped of it's rides and all that was left was the Black Hole. Huge fences were put up all over Fantasy Land with signs that read "World First Ride Opens March 1998". No one knew what this world first was, but there was a hole that had appeared in the ground and it was getting bigger and bigger. Oblivion was code-named "Secret Weapon 4" and in March 1998 the ride was announced to be Oblivion - The world's first vertical drop coaster.

Guest Information
› Riders must be at least 1.4m (4' 8") tall to ride.
› Wheelchair access is available via the ride exit ramp.
› Property racks are available for belongings to be left at the station.
› On-Ride photos are available from the Oblivion ride photo shop.
› A single rider queue is in operation for this attraction.


Random Image

Zoz Meerkat: I love this ride!! oblivion is the Best ride in the park by far!! I have actually lost count of the number of times I've been on it, but it's...(expand)

Calum: (5 / 5) best ride at the park,much better than thirteen,rita,nemsis and air

Lewis: (5 / 5) I give it a 5 star because it's amazing! My friends say the scariest bit is going up but mine is when you hang on the edge and you dont know when youre going to drop! Definitly my top 3

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